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Who We Are

Katie Kinikini

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Katie spent her summers at her family business at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, where she learned the value of hard work and family bonds.  Because of this early experience, she loves and values her family deeply, and has an abiding connection to the places she calls home.  Katie has been practicing law in Utah since 2014 and is delighted to be able to work with others to protect their own family, property, and places.  You’d be hard pressed to find someone better prepared to help you and your family in your time of need. 

Randa Vieira

Randa has enjoyed practicing law since 2004. Her experience ranges from tax consulting and criminal law in her native Brazil, to real estate, energy and immigration law, among other areas, in the United States, her home since 2007. Randa is a problem solver at heart, and enjoys taking time to get to know her clients to better serve their needs. In her spare time, Randa enjoys traveling with her family, binge-watching interior design shows, and turning everything she can into an Excel spreadsheet.  

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Aaron Kinikini

Aaron is an advocate in every sense of the word.  He has spent the bulk of his nearly 20 year career fighting for the rights of marginalized groups as a civil rights attorney. Whether through impact litigation, system reform, or simply problem-solving for a single client, he comes alive when using his skills to help those in need. Aaron's client-centered approach has proven invaluable to businesses and individuals looking for the right mix of advocate, advisor, litigator, and strategic counselor to help them achieve their goals. From Utah (mostly), Aaron is also dedicated to his family-- a job that has more in common with legal strategizing than one might think. 

Camila Segalotti

From Amparo, São Paulo, Camila became an attorney in Brazil in 2014. She has almost ten years of experience in civil and family law, with expertise in guardianships, probate, and commercial matters.  Because she owned and ran a highly successful business in Brazil, she was admitted to the United States in 2019 under a national interest work visa, and started studying American law, more specifically immigration law.  Camila takes great satisfaction in helping others and in her work as a legal professional. She values simple things, and the experiences she had in her native Brazil that made her a kind, simple, and strong person.

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Hada Munoz

Originally from Mexico, Hada comes from a family where service, love, and commitment are part of daily life. Since she was a little girl, her family taught her to work hard and achieve her goals.  Following this early teaching has opened doors throughout her career as a communications specialist with a degree in Mass Media, and now as a legal professional. Hada believes that working at Lear & Lear is a great way to help all Spanish speakers understand and feel comfortable with the legal process. As they say in Mexico, “Para que te sientas como en casa”.   

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