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Women Lawyers

This week, we are celebrating being women and being lawyers.

We all have the great privilege to be both women and lawyers. All three of us came to this profession in our own ways, but we face similar challenges, and experience similar triumphs because of our gender. Here are a few of our thoughts on being female lawyers.


Being a female lawyer has always been a positive experience for me. As a woman in a man's world, I always felt it was my job to provide clients with the type of perspective only a woman can have. That being said, I must admit that the legal profession still has quite a way to go and grow in supporting women. I believe in diversity at the workplace and in life in general, but here's an anecdote for you from Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg:

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg was once asked, "What is the right number of female Justices? 50%?" She said, "Nine." People responded with shock. She said, “Why are you shocked? For many years all Justices were male. No one complained about that.”


Being a female attorney comes with challenges and a great responsibility. I've heard horror stories from a colleague about how they've presented a legal case in great detail, and then the time over for questions from the audience. The audience then addressed all their questions to her male non-attorney colleague. This can be very frustrating and degrading.

However, I've been lucky in my career not to experience this firsthand. I've been able to present my ideas to my employers and have them listen to them with detail and care. The world is changing, and it is wonderful to be a part of the change.

Also, I want to be the Jesse Graff of American Ninja Warrior. It can be hard, it will be hard, but if you prepare for what you are going up against, you can do anything and ignore the naysayers. I love being a female attorney. This is an opportunity to provide a strong, informed and well-rounded role model for young women who desire to enter the field of law.


My experience as a lawyer has been very positive. However, I have experienced judgement based on my appearance. No one ever expects me to be a lawyer when they meet me. In fact, there have been times that people didn’t believe I was a lawyer until I took out my bar card and proved it. I think this happens because I look (and, yes, sometimes act) young. But, I also think it’s because I’m a woman.

Again, I really don’t have anything to complain about as a female lawyer. My colleagues all treat me and my ideas with respect and confidence. But I, and other women I know and work with, know women do have additional barriers to break through, and not just in the legal profession. Like Randa and Deb, I am honored to be a small part of the way that the world is shifting, and hope that my profession will continue becoming more fair and unbiased toward women.

As a firm, we offer 30+ combined years of legal experience in a variety of fields, states, and even countries. We have all dedicated ourselves to the practice of law, while upholding responsibilities to our families. We regard being lawyers as a privilege, as well as a chance to do some good in the world. We bring all of our experience, in and out of the legal field, to each of our cases. Contact us today if you need any legal help or have any questions, there’s nothing too small.


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